The Fantasy Gold Blockchain replaced DFS on April 30th, 2018 as a means of capitalizing on the latest advancements in Proof of Stake and Smart Contract Technology.

FantasyGold was built to become a multi-purpose platform offering Ethereum Virtual Machine based smart contracts and lightning fast transactions. It achieves this through the revolutionary Account Abstraction Layer which allows the EVM to communicate with FantasyGold’s Bitcoin-like UTXO blockchain for compatibility with most existing Solidity based smart contracts.

Unlike traditional centralized payment processing, the FantasyGold project does not charge any additional transaction or service fees to use the payment network. Senders pay a very small transaction fee in “FGC” (FantasyGold Coin) that is awarded to stakers who process the transactions and by that keep the chain running.

Using smart contracts, it is possible for anyone to make use of the FantasyGold blockchain, which significantly simplifies creating your own project with your own token. FantasyGold is constantly looking to expand by itself, adding new features to its chain, site and infrastructure.

Why FantasyGold?

  • We use industry's best standarts of data protection and distribution, as well as storage - all to make sure that you're safe and sounds in your day-to-day life.

  • Transaction costs play crucial role in the financial well-being of the community. Thus, we make our best to keep transaction costs as low as possible. Like, extremely low. For your well-being.

  • We are authentic and passionate professionals. We have real people, real skills, real trust and belief in technology and human collaboration - that's something you don't see often among blockchain startups. You can reach out to us anytime and we will reply and help you solve the issue. Because we care. Because we love the process of creating meaningful change and we're grateful for community's support throught years. Our tech solutions is our legacy, so we make sure to give back to the community.

  • Have a look at our products and just try them - you will feel how much we care about what we do. And, if you are a bit more tech savvy - feel free to double check our documentation and be sure that we implement smart solutions and have your back covered.

Meet the Team

Nicolas Hernandez

Project Manager & Lead Developer

Djoël van der Leeuw

Business Director

Craig Williams

Community Manager

Rev Miller

Marketing & Growth Manager

Eugene Saksonov

Alok Kumar Saxena

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